Conference Presenter Qualification Requirements and Guidelines

2015-87Qualifying workshops during the SCCA Conference must be taught by presenters who possess appropriate qualifications, as required by the National Board of Certified Counselor Continuing Education Provider Policy. VIEW MORE

Additional SCCA Conference Presenter Guidelines:
– All presenters are required to review the new NBCC guidelines including the content areas and presenter qualifications for each content area before submitting the proposal for the SCCA Conference post on the SCCA website.

– All presenters who are eligible for SCCA membership must have a current membership status and register for the conference in order to present.

– EQUIPMENT including extension cords, screens, and projectors is not provided by SCCA. The presenter is responsible for obtaining and setting up any equipment used during the presentation. Equipment can be rented from the hotel.

– Presenters are not allowed to sell items at the conference unless they are also registered as n exhibitor.
– Presenters are encouraged to view conference updates and schedules posted on the SCCA Website ( as new information is available.